An educator on a ‘Journey to Self-Discovery’

Dr Abhilasha is a critical thinker who likes to write poetry and articles to express her thoughts and feelings. She loves to practice yoga and meditation to maintain physical fitness and mental well-being. She believes in learning new skills and nowadays learning ‘Kathak‘, an Indian classical dance.

Yoga- Food for my body and soul

She believes in empowering women through education and awareness. She strongly feels women can contribute greatly to society by utilizing their inner strength and compassion. She had an opportunity to participate in a beauty pageant and made wonderful connections with amazing women!


Abhilasha holds a Doctorate in Philosophy and a Master’s Degree in Chemistry. She is an IBDP Certified Teacher and has a Bachelor’s in Education. She has explored diverse curricula and utilised the best practices in teaching. She has over 15 years of classroom experience and 2 years of experience as a voluntary Life Skills Facilitator.

Her research expertise has guided students and teachers to understand research methodology and make the best use of Project-Based Learning. She has worked as an IGCSE Chemistry Teacher, Cambridge Examiner, and Examination officer. Currently working for STEM Curriculum Design and Development at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Qatar.

Abhilasha is passionate about sharing her experiences and perspectives with educators and parents to help them build a great learning environment for the children

She has participated as speaker in the STEM MENA Conference 2022 and Qatar STEM Education Summit 2023. She is also joined a philanthropic organization, Catalyst 2030 that aim to bring build a Sustainable World by 2030.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”

-Mahatma Gandhi

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