All About Gases-Engineering Design STEM Module 2023

Learning Objectives:

•Explain that particles of gases are in constant random motion.

•Investigate the behaviour of gases and their motion.

•Predict the distribution, interaction, and motion of particles as variables are changed.

•Use simple experiments to better understand the kinetic theory of gases.

•Interpret trends in data by examining the graph associated with Boyle’s, Charles and Gay-Lussac’s law.

Engineering Design Project Objectives:

•Use simulations to better understand the behavior of gases.

•Apply the concepts of gas laws to stoichiometry problems.

•Apply concepts of Gas laws to collaborate for a team Project.

•Design, Construct, Test and Evaluate prototypes of an Air Bag

•Make records of the entire design process.

•Summarize the procedure and results in a final report and presentation.

Click on the file below to download the lesson

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