Pie of Life


To consider how you could bring more creative energy into your life


  • Increased sense of purpose
  • Deeper understanding of personal needs for wellbeing
  • Increased capacity for decision-making and planning


  • Reflection
  • Purpose
  • Creativity
  • Resilience
  • Critical thinking
  • Decision-making
  • Time Management

TIME: 20-30 minutes

PREPARATION: Draw an example Pie

RESOURCES: Paper, pens and, A4 sheets for each student


  1. Introduce the activity. “We are going to explore what we do through the week, and what it is that helps us enjoy life and grow”. First, we will look at how we spend time during a typical week.
  2. Show the students the example of your Pie chart that divides up your time with different activities. Ask them to draw one for themselves.
  3. Students complete the first pie to show the activities that they do in a week.
  4. They ask them to complete another pie, asking “how would you like to spend your time in the week?
  5. After the second pie has been completed, ask the students to get into pairs to discuss these questions:
  6. What parts of my week give me a feeling of energy and enthusiasm?
  7. What areas of my life would I like to give more attention to? Anything I would like to spend less time doing?
  8. What is possible for me to change, and what is not possible?


Bring the group back together and ask them to share any reflections. Ask them what kind of things bring creative energy into their lives, and why. Explain that of course, we can’t just do everything that we want! And how should we approach the things that we cannot change and have to do?


It can be powerful for one student to draw the other student’s pie for them and ask them questions as they go. This can enhance their thinking process behind the exercise. It also encourages open communication and collaboration between the pair as they support each other to find solutions.

The Online version of this activity:

(Using Google Jamboard- Share the link with them)

  • Draw your current pie of life on a sheet of paper. You can color it to express your mood and emotions.
  • Show your current pie of life to any of your family members and discuss what you would like to change and why?
  • Draw the new one on the other half. Post this full image on Jamboard “Pie of Life”
  • Give feedback on your and other posts of “Pie of Life”.

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