Light up your lives-Engineering Design STEM Module 2023

Learning Objectives:

•Build a spectroscope and use it to analyze different types of light.

•Realize that different light source have different spectra and describe the differences.

•Explain general mechanism involved in light emissions from different light sources and how these mechanism affect spectra.

▪Observe DIFFRACTION of various types and sizes of waves.

▪Investigate the DIFFRACTION OF LIGHT as it passes through a variety of apertures.

▪Explain the phenomenon involved in the DIFFRACTION at both micro and nano scale sources.

•Recognize examples of INTERFERENCE of mechanical and electromagnetic waves

•Recognize that the basic principles of INTERFERENCE apply to all types of waves. Describe the process of INTERFERENCE

•Recognize examples of structural colors.

•Distinguish between colors due to pigment and structural colors.

•Explain the how structural features are responsible for colors.

•List examples of iridescence in nature and technology.

Engineering Design Project Objectives:

•Apply concepts of spectroscopy, interference and diffraction studied in previous activities.

•Collaborate with a team to set and meet goals.

•Model, fabricate and evaluate synthetic opals.

•Record their modelling, synthesis and evaluation processes.

•Summarize the production procedure and results in a final report

Click on the file below to download the STEM Module

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