‘Green is The New Pink’

Women as Sustainability Changemakers

It is amazing how the human brain works! Our brain patterns the world around us and cages us into our own beliefs and biases.

A classic example is the association of our brain with different colours. When we think about colours and their association with gender, I would not be totally incorrect if I said pink means female gender.

But did you ever think, why?  

Is it ok for the female gender to be associated with this perception! or do we have our right to other colours as well?

Can we break through this cage of pink and claim our right to the entire rainbow?

I firmly believe that female life is a true reflection of all colours rather than just one. Females have always been a rainbow, but society was in denial.

Talking about the colour green, which is the new buzzword in the modern world. I think women always have been aware of their actions towards the sustainability of their families, communities, and the wider world. Women of our communities worked unnoticed, taking small yet impactful actions, although their efforts were mostly neglected and undermined.  


Don’t waste your food! Put off the light! Close the tap properly! And the list goes on…

These are the typical commands from mothers in every household, which were always taken for granted.

We have seen our mothers and grandmothers stitching and knitting clothes for us. They made grocery bags from used garments. They grew their own fruits, vegetables and spices and ensured we got enough nutrition. They taught us to donate the leftover food to the needy and even took care of the stray animals.

They took care of our surroundings in all possible ways!

In the modern-day scenario, the role of Women towards sustainability is even more critical than ever. In addition to the small steps they have been taking, they should work towards developing new skills and attitudes needed for future sustainable societies. Most importantly, women need to form stronger communities and support each other.


‘Educators Journey’ is proud to participate in QATAR SUSTAINABILITY WEEK and uncover the extraordinary Stories of Women Changemakers who are creating a RIPPLE EFFECT!

I am sure that many women around us are taking fantastic sustainability initiatives in their unique ways.

Do you have any exciting stories?

Feel free to share your thoughts.

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