Importance of Small Steps…

Ritu Hada – The Sustainability Changemaker

We are celebrating Qatar Sustainability Week, and I, as an environmental enthusiast, would like to share something with you. As a homemaker, I realised that making major changes to achieve SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS was not feasible.

On the contrary, we can take small steps and actions for the same.

  • I try to SAVE WATER AND ELECTRICITY to the maximum of my capacity and keep educating my family.
  • We REUSE the KITCHEN WASH WATER to water plants and for secondary cleaning purposes (I have a terrace garden😊).
  • We always try to reduce the use of plastic bags by carrying our own ‘REUSEABLE’ bags whenever we go shopping.
  • Also, LEFTOVER from parties and daily household is never disposed of and is very judiciously provided to the needful.
  • My husband, along with his friends, has made it a habit to CARPOOL to the office so that one vehicle is used in place of multiple for the same destination.
  • And yes, I am planning to buy a SOLAR COOKER very soon so we can trap at least a small amount of beautiful sunlight and solar energy that Qatar offers us.

So, friends, all of us can try our best to bring out ideas through which we come forward towards achieving sustainable development goals.

Keep sharing ideas; maybe yours can help!

Ritu Hada

Ritu Hada is an Environmental Engineer by qualification. She worked for some years in the Environment department of a consultancy firm working on road development projects in India. She has good experience in conducting EIAs for sustainable highway projects, allowing development to go hand-in-hand with environmental protection. She’s been a homemaker for some time now but heartily wants to bring about some difference in the world in her own way. 


  1. Great 👍🏻 will surely follow the same, such an easy ways , Nature has given us so many things,it’s time for us to do a bit from our side


  2. Great 👍🏻 will surely follow the same, such an easy ways , Nature has given us so many things,It’s time for us to do a bit from our


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